Research and innovation

A search for excellence that aims to produce new knowledge and innovation to benefit society, the development of the humanities, and the preservation of the planet.
One of the flagship actions of the IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes project is the “Cross Disciplinary Programs” (CDP) initiative, which helped fund 17 interdisciplinary research projects. Through these projects, greater Grenoble contributed to strategic scientific and socio-economic fields at the national and international level, helping to place humanities and social sciences at the heart of Grenoble's innovation ecosystem.

In collaboration with its partners, IDEX UGA has also fostered emerging, high-risk scientific projects, and provided support to young researchers and newly recruited academic staff. The project's specific actions targeted key points of the value chain and facilitated interactions with the socio-economic and cultural environment.


  • 220 M€ committed to 17 structuring projects, to respond to scientific challenges and socio-economic stakes.
  • Nearly 150 recently recruited researchers and professor-researchers have received support to start their research projects, with around 250 projects on emerging themes or with cultural, economic or societal actors.
  • More than 100 M€ of financing mobilized from national and international partners for their project.
Global Challenges Science Week 2019 provided an opportunity to share the latest research results and initiate new international collaborations to address the major challenges of the 21st century.

Actions and achievements

Un laboratoire de biologie

Cross Disciplinary Program (CDP)

The CDPs contribute to Grenoble's strong positioning in strategic fields such as quantum engineering, artificial intelligence, IT security and personalized medicine.
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A young researcher

Fostering projects led by young researchers and academic staff

A support system for setting up research projects for early-stage researchers and academic staff recruited less than 3 years previously, excluding periods absence (sickness, parental leave, etc.).
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Une équipe de recherche

Encouraging blue-sky projects

In addition to supporting interdisciplinarity, IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes has set up instruments to support blue-sky projects, targeting new challenges and innovative approaches for the benefit of scientific excellence and technological innovation.
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A conference room

Idex Chairs

The aim of the IDEX Chairs is to attract very high-level candidates (ERC type for example), with a view to creating a research group and acquiring new skills in emerging fields or significantly strengthening established fields within Université Grenoble Alpes.
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Grenoble campus

The Idex “recruitment packages”

This instrument, initiated as part of the IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes, improves the capacity to attract very high-level candidates for recruitment to permanent positions by funding a significant support budget.
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Un chercheur dans un laboratoire

Instruments to support innovation and knowledge transfer

2 instruments have been set up: early TRL projects (prematuration stage) and Joint Laboratories, in order to support the key points of the chain of knowledge transfer and facilitate the interactions between research and the socio-economic and cultural environment.
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Une chercheuse devant un microscope

Scientific equipment

IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes co-funds the acquisition or renewal of large-scale scientific equipment, in associations with its partners or with private or public investors.
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Analyse en neurosciences

Structuring projects

In addition to the Cross Disciplinary Programs (CDP), Grenoble benefits from a research and innovation ecosystem built around major interdisciplinary and socio-economic challenges defined by the French government as part of its Future Investment Program (PIA).
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Published on  July 21, 2020
Updated on December 13, 2021