Student associations

Université Grenoble Alpes offers a wide variety of associations for students, from business and artistic projects to cultural infrastructures and radio stations.

Eve directory
Associations directory

Do you wish to know more about our associations? Find out about them on the “Alvéole” platform, with a classification by theme, name or institution (link in French).

Dedicated places
Dedicated places for associative life

Grenoble campuses offer many cultural infrastructures for students to implement their projects (exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, conferences….), as well as rehearsal facilities (theater, dance, choir, orchestra…) and meeting rooms.

Tramway nommé culture
Implementing projects together with experts and professionals

The Service for Culture and Student Initiatives supports students in the implementation of their projects, together with a cultural institution and a professional artist. This support is provided all year round, or through the Interuniversity Cultural Festival during springtime.

Project incubator EVE - La Pépinière

To develop your projects, big or small, La Pépinière incubator provides individual support, documentation, collective workshops, training sessions… In short, everything you need to learn about project management, event organization or how to run an association.

SEVE, student-run association that offers a wealth of cultural support

"L’Espace Vie Étudiante" is the first student facility entirely managed by students through the association SEVE (Savoirs, Émancipation, Vie Étudiante, or Knowledge, Independence, Student Life). Throughout the academic year, it offers a project incubator, a large coffee shop, spaces for associations, a performance hall, an associative radio station… and the opportunity to volunteer in one of its many activities.

ADAM, for student start-ups

ADAM provides help and expertise in getting all sorts of projects off the ground. If you want to find out what association most corresponds to your interests, or can best help you to develop a particular project, then it is there to help you.
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Published on  January 30, 2020
Updated on February 21, 2020