Involvement in the HRS4R process

Since 2019, the schools that currently make up Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) have been involved in a common process of obtaining accreditation for their strategies, in accordance with the European procedure entitled "Human resources strategy for researchers" (HRS4R).

Why is the “HR Excellent in Research” award worthwhile?

By taking part in the accreditation, the members of UGA are participating in the construction of the European research space and ensuring compliance with the recommendations of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for Recruitment.

Improvement of working conditions and attractiveness

This process is part of the university's’ continuous improvement approach and, more generally, helps to improve working conditions for all staff. The HRS4R project is part of Axis 3 of UGA’s Strategic Plan, “Through a responsible employer policy, make UGA and its divisions a place for sharing, fulfillment, initiative and learning for staff members”.

Obtaining the award It also helps to reinforce the attractiveness and international influence of UGA, particularly in terms of recruitment of staff.

In fact, on the Euraxess Jobs European employment portal, the “HR Excellence in Research” award allows candidates to identify working environments that are particularly stimulating and favorable for researchers.

An advantage for European funding

The award is also an advantage for obtaining funding “Horizon Europe”, a key funding program for R&D activities in Europe.

The funding agreement makes reference to the Charter and the Code, particularly in relation to working conditions, promotion of gender equality, recruitment processes and career development.
Published on  June 30, 2020
Updated on September 20, 2022