Public and university libraries allow a wide variety of documents to be borrowed for information, leisure, educational and cultural purposes. They are also places where people can go to study and meet up with others. Sometimes civic debate events in the form of workshops and talks are organized at library premises.

University libraries

The university libraries are open to all students, faculty, researchers, staff and even the general public. The documentation available encompasses all disciplinary fields offered by Université Grenoble Alpes, to assist you in your studies and research.

University libraries (“bibliothèques universitaires” - known as “BU”) are open to everyone for consultation of their materials on the premises. However, only students and staff of the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) can borrow documents and use other services.

Other smaller and more specialized libraries are based within certain faculties, schools and laboratories:

ENSAG documentation center
Sciences Po Grenoble documentation center

Public libraries

In Grenoble

Grenoble has 12 public libraries spread out across the city’s urban area.
Since 1st July 2019, registration with the public library has been free for all inhabitants of Grenoble, and includes access to the media library (“numothèque”).

Visit the website for all libraries in Grenoble
Access the Grenoble Alpes Métropole media library
Good to know
Also accessible with the same membership account, the public international library (BMI) has a wide choice of documents in foreign languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
Visit the public international library website

In Valence

Find the list of libraries and media libraries on the website for the Valence Romans urban area

Published on  January 30, 2020
Updated on May 25, 2023