Applying and registering

There are various steps in the application and registration process:

Step 1 :

The admissions and/or application step allows us to check that you meet the criteria required for enrolling in the program.

Step 2 :
Administrative registration

You'll need to complete your administrative registration once your application has been accepted by Université Grenoble Alpes. It includes paying your university tuition fees and being issued your student card.

Step 3 :
Academic enrollment

Academic enrollment involves choosing and signing up for your courses for the academic year. It will enable us to assign you your tutorial groups. You can only complete your academic enrollment once your administrative registration has been approved.

Step 4 :
Prepare for your academic year

All the services, tools and essential information you’ll need when you arrive at the university.

Step 5 :
Collect your diploma

Diplomas are issued in the year following their award. They can be collected in person or by a proxy from the university, or sent by mail.
Published on  February 6, 2020
Updated on February 6, 2020