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  • Research
    The Conversation : "Jamais vu: the science behind eerie opposite of déjà vu"
    Ever looked at a familiar face and found it suddenly unusual or unknown? You may have had a case of jamais vu.
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  • Ranking
    Shanghai Ranking 2023: UGA in the world's top 150 and in the top 5 of France's best universities
    Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) has maintained its position in the top 150 of the Shanghai 2023 ranking of the world's best universities, published on August 15. On a national level, UGA also maintained its position as 5th French university and 1st outside the Ile de France (greater Paris), alongside the University of Strasbourg, behind the 4 Parisian institutions: Université Paris Saclay, PSL, Sorbonne Université and Université Paris Cité.
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  • Award
    Sandra Lavorel, ecologist in Grenoble, is awarded the CNRS 2023 Gold Medal
    The CNRS Gold Medal, one of the most prestigious French scientific distinctions, has been awarded to the Sandra Lavorel, ecologist at the Laboratoire d'écologie alpine (LECA - CNRS/UGA/USMB). A specialist in the functioning of ecosystems, during her 30 years as a CNRS researcher she has revealed the contributions that biodiversity makes to human life, as well as the societal and economic impact of its alteration by environmental changes.
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  • International
    Doctor Honoris Causa Ceremony
    Imagine the materials of tomorrow to meet the challenges of the 21st century, explore the Universe to discover uncharted celestial objects, develop diagnostics and new drugs to combat disease, educate and empower public health to combat social inequalities, rethink our political systems in the face of terrorism, and put Science at the heart of public action. On 12 October 2023, six international scientific figures will receive the honorary degree of Doctor Honoris Causa from Université Grenoble Alpes for the excellence of their research.
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At the height of global research

Top 150 of the Shanghai 2023 ranking

In 2023, Université Grenoble Alpes is in the top 150 of the Shanghai global ranking, which compares the research productivity of the world's top 1000 universities. At the national level, it ranks 5th among the best French universities.

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Top 50 in 6 disciplines

In the Shanghai 2022 thematic ranking, UGA appears in the world's top 50 in 7 scientific disciplines:
  • Remote Sensing : 12
  • Earth Sciences : 24
  • Metallurgical Engineering : 39
  • Physics : 40
  • Mathematics : 40
  • Geography : 50
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