Collect your diploma

Diplomas are issued in the year following their award. They can be collected in person or by a proxy from the university, or sent by mail.

When can I collect my diploma?

Your qualification has just been validated

You can collect it in March follow the award year.

Your qualification was validated more than one year ago

You must first contact the "Diplômes" service at the email address to make sure it is available.

How do I collect my diploma?

There are three options.

You can collect your diploma in person

  • For "Science, Technology and Healthcare" departments:
    Please see your faculty.
  • For "Management, Economics and Law" and "Human and Social Sciences" departments:
    The following 2016-2017 diplomas - economic sciences, psychology and history - are available from your faculty.
  • For "Languages, literature and arts":
    You must book an appointment by emailing, then go to the Diplômes service on the day of the appointment with a valid ID card or passport.
  • For Grenoble INP engineers:
    You can collect your award in person from the central admissions department of Grenoble INP by presenting a piece of ID (only valid passports or ID cards are accepted).
  • For students of Sciences Po Grenoble:
    Go to the Sciences Po admissions department with a piece of ID (only valid passports or ID cards are accepted).
  • For other courses: Please contact the Diplômes service at

You can have your diploma collected by a third party

After making an appointment by emailing, the person mandated must go to the Diplômes center with the following documents:
  • A mandate letter stating the identity of the person authorized to collect your diploma.
  • A photocopy of your national ID card or passport.
  • The third party's passport or national ID card.

By mail

If you are unable to come to the university You must send the Diplômes service a duly completed diploma collection request, along with the documents requested.
Published on  February 6, 2020
Updated on February 7, 2020