Strategic partnerships

Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) has a long tradition of collaboration and exchanges with prestigious international academic partners. Our comprehensive strategic partnerships are on a large scale, and are both formative and transformative. They cover teaching and research, and span several UGA faculties and institutions. They translate into a multi-faceted commitment between the two establishments and the implementation of a joint action plan, the deployment of resources, and an undertaking to maintain reciprocity over a period of several years.

Partner universities

Strategic partnerships in progress

Unite! A network of universities focused on innovation, technology and engineering


Along with our partners in the Unite! European alliance, we share a strong commitment to implement a paradigm shift for excellence in learning, teaching and research in accordance with the European core values of human dignity, liberal democracy, the rule of law, and social inclusion. Unite! aims to be a key player in science, technology and engineering education at a multidisciplinary, multicultural, multilingual European campus embedded into innovative regional ecosystems. Current areas of cooperation: artificial intelligence, energy, industry 4.0 and entrepreneurship
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Published on  July 15, 2020
Updated on March 28, 2024