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Université Grenoble Alpes is part of a long tradition of international cooperation covering the five continents and totalling more than 1 100 partnerships in 150 countries, in research and education, with targeted strategic partnerships in Europe and the rest of the world.

Strategic partnerships

Université Grenoble Alpes has long developed privileged academic relations with renowned universities.

Promotion of french-speaking communities

Since its creation, Université Grenoble Alpes has been committed to the promotion of cultural and scientific French-speaking communities.


Université Grenoble Alpes adopts a proactive approach to enrollment in university networks and becomes a driving force by capitalizing on existing international collaborations.

Refugee support

A refugee committee was set up five years ago on the Grenoble site, bringing together all actors who participate in the reception of exiled students, doctoral students or researchers.

International laboratories

UGA research teams and partners from research organizations are actively involved in numerous international laboratories and structuring research projects abroad, where they develop strategic scientific collaborations, and contribute to UGA's international visibility and attractiveness.


Together with our partners in the European alliance Unite! we share a strong commitment to implement a paradigm shift towards excellence in learning, teaching and research, in line with the European core values of human dignity, liberal democracy, rule of law and social inclusion. Unite! is positioned as a major player in science, technology and engineering education on a multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual European campus, integrated in innovative regional ecosystems

Games - Grenoble Alpes medical humanities

This initiative at the crossroads between research and education developped by Université Grenoble Alpes in collaboration with Grenoble University Hospital and our strategic international partners, hopes to promote both a theoretical and practical reflection on the field of health and the humanities and social sciences.
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Université Grenoble Alpes is the bearer of the "Université Grenoble Alpes: university of innovation" project selected for initiatives of excellence (Idex), a label reserved for a dozen university sites in France.