Equality and the fight against discrimination

For many years now, we have had a policy aimed at promoting equality between men and women among our staff and students, fighting against discrimination and working to make our territory welcoming.
This strong political commitment is based on the role of any university: to free individuals from any hindrance and to make our institution a laboratory for social innovation.

Fight against discrimination

Our university is committed to the fight against discrimination, against all forms of discrimination: disability and health, social and ethnic origins, age and sexual orientation. The table drawn up each year by the Defender of the Rights of French Society reminds us of the urgent need to fight against discrimination, which continues to increase year after year. The university, through its policies and actions, must set an example in this area.

Equality between men and women

For many years, we have had a policy aimed at promoting gender equality in our recruitments and during the careers of our agents. This principle of equality is also reflected in our training policy in order to avoid the feminisation or masculinisation of certain career paths. Finally, courses are taught on this theme so that our students become actors of social change.

Reception of migrants, refugees or asylum seekers

The University of Grenoble, a land of welcome, a crossroads of human movements, a place of intellectual exchange, has developed a policy of welcoming refugees as of 2015. This political will has resulted in the creation of the Refugee Committee and a large number of actions to support and integrate refugees into the university community.


A "Accueil handicap" service assists and advises students with disabilities in terms of study facilities, building and teaching accessibility, as well as in the steps linked to their installation, financial aid and travel, and those marking out their sports and cultural activities.
Published on  July 31, 2020
Updated on February 8, 2024