Social sciences (PSS)

Economics, finance, organizations and societies.

Strategic axis

The PSS research department studies basic issues and applications dealing with economic, financial, organizational and societal issues. It deals with public action and its organization, the market, change and social behaviors.

Research on space and territory are an important aspect of the expertise of the research department, as well as the analysis of rules and conventions which underlie societies, at the national and international levels.

From a methodological point of view, expertise relies on fieldwork (interviews with stakeholders, enquiries within institution, large social and political surveys on citizens’ values and attitudes), as well as on the analysis of legal documents, and a large array of tools – modelling, statistical analysis, case study, experimentation.





AAU Ambiances architecturales et urbaines
AE&CC Architecture, Environnement et Cultures constructives
APM Architecture, Paysage, Montagne
CDPPOC Centre Droit Privé et Public des Obligations et de la Consommation
CERAG Centre d’études et de recherches appliquées à la gestion
CERDAP² Centre d'études et de recherche sur la Diplomatie, l'Administration Publique et le Politique
CESICE Centre d’Etudes sur la Sécurité Internationale et les Coopérations Européennes
CREG Centre de Recherche en Economie de Grenoble
CRJ Centre de Recherches Juridiques
EDYTEM Laboratoire Environnement, Dynamiques et Territoires de la Montagne
GAEL Laboratoire d'Economie Appliquée de Grenoble
GRESEC Centre de Recherches sur les Enjeux de la Communication
IREGE Institut de Recherche en Gestion et Economie
LARHRA Laboratoire de Recherche Historique Rhône-Alpes
MHAevt Métiers de l’Histoire de l’Architecture ; édifices, villes, territoires
PACTE Politiques publiques, Action politique, Territoires
TEGR Territoires, Ecologie Grenoble


  • AE&CC: Architecture, environment and building culture
  • ITEM: Social change and innovation in mountainous regions
Published on  February 6, 2020
Updated onJune 10, 2020