Project organization

When the project was launched, working groups made up of researchers and support staff first identified the gaps between the institutions' practices and the 40 principles of the Charter and Code. They identified needs for improvement in terms of collaborative work, recognition of work and people, civic involvement, and the importance of constant enrichment between research and training.

Based on these gaps, desirable actions were identified, then presented and discussed at a public conference before being validated by the Steering Committee.

In all, 27 actions were identified, each under the responsibility of an action leader whose role was defined as follows by means of a mission statement:
  • Coordinate its application at Université Grenoble Alpes level, respecting deliverables and timetables.
  • Set up and coordinate the working group(s) in charge of refining the operational implementation of each action, ensuring that they are representative of all components.
  • Report to the Monitoring Committee on the progress of action implementation.

The Monitoring Committee

From the initial project group, a monitoring committee, coordinated by a project manager, was set up to oversee the progress of the initiatives. The Committee's role is to assess progress, suggest readjustments and draw attention to any difficulties encountered.
Until the first self-assessment is submitted to the European Commission at the end of June 2023, the Monitoring Committee will act as a link between the pilots and the Steering Committee.

Members of the Monitoring Committee:

  • Elise BELAÏDI, MCF UGA - HP2 Inserm lab (until August 2022)
  • Thierry BONTEMS, Research engineer at CNRS, UMR Pacte - Sciences Po Grenoble-UGA
  • Giovanny LAU, PhD student at the Psychology and neuroCognition lab - CNRS-UGA
  • Stéphanie PARADIS, post-PhD student at the Hypoxy and Cardiovascular and respiratory Physiopathologies lab - INSERM - UGA
  • Christophe PICARD - MCF Grenoble INP-UGA - Jean Kuntzmann lab - INRIA-CNRS-UGA

Project manager:

  • Since September 2021: Patricia RIGAUD, Grenoble INP-UGA
  • From October 2020 to July 2021: Yveline VOGIER, Grenoble INP-UGA
  • From February 2019 to September 2020: Lucie JIRASKOVA, UGA

Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee meets twice a year, in spring and autumn, to review progress on the action plan and compliance with commitments. It decides on proposals made by the Monitoring Committee, ensures consistency and coordination with other major projects, and facilitates the process across the broad scope of UGA's 4 employer institutions.

COPIL members

  • Vice-Presidents Human Resources: Christophe RIBUOT and Ioannis PARISSIS (project co-sponsors)
  • Vice-President Research: Hervé COURTOIS
  • Vice-President International Relations and Outreach: Karine SAMUEL
  • ENSAG-UGA Director: Marie WOZNIAK
  • Sciences Po Grenoble-UGA Director: Sabine SAURUGGER
  • Human Resources Department :
  • Carole KADA, Executive Director, UGA
  • Catherine DESPLANQUES, Deputy Executive Director, UGA
  • Emmanuel PASTUREL, Director, Grenoble INPUGA
  • Delphine ARNAUD, Director, Sciences Po GrenobleUGA
  • Pascale CHARDONLEYES, Director and General Services Director, ENSAG-UGA
  • Doctoral College-UGA Director: Denis JONGMANS
  • Doctoral College-UGA Administrative Director: Nathalie JANIN
  • UGA Support and Guidance for Research Department: Jérémy PRETET
  • Grenoble INP-UGA Research, Innovation, Valorization and Europe: Cédric DI TOFANO
  • Sciences Po Grenoble-UGA Research Director: Marie Estelle BINET, then Anne BARTEL-RADIC
  • ENSAG-UGA Research, Partners and International Head: Julien HEURDIER
  • UGA General Services Director: Jérôme PARET
  • Grenoble INP-UGA General Services Director: Véronique MALÉ, then Jean-François FRASÈS
  • UGA Communications Director: Anne PRADILLON

List of action leaders by name:

  • Cédric BUENERD, Social Environment Department Director DGDRH UGA
  • Beatrice CAILLAT-MIOUSSE, Skills Development Director DGDRH UGA
  • Hervé COURTOIS, Vice-President Research UGA
  • Catherine DESPLANQUES, Human Resources, Health and Safety, and Quality of Life at Work Deputy Executive Director
  • Nelly GUILBAUD DGDRH, Deputy Director of Skills Development - DGDRH UGA
  • Karine GUILLOT, Director of Programming and Capital Projects Heritage Department (until September 2022)
  • Nathalie JANIN, Administrative Director of the Doctoral College
  • Denis JONGMANS, Director of the Doctoral College
  • Carole KADA, Executive Director Human Resources (HR), Health Prevention and Quality of Life at Work (QWL)
  • Sophie LOUARGANT, Vice President Gender Equality
  • Sébastien MORA, HR Development Department Manager Grenoble INP-UGA
  • Ioannis PARISSIS, Vice-President Human Resources Grenoble INP - UGA
  • Jérémy PRETET, Director of Research, Innovation and Development UGA
  • Christophe RIBUOT, Vice-President Human Resources UGA
  • Karine SAMUEL, Vice-President International Relations and Outreach
  • Céline TERNON, in charge of the Gender Equality project Grenoble INP - UGA
Published on  July 20, 2023
Updated on July 20, 2023