Instruments to support innovation and knowledge transfer

In order to support the key points of the chain of knowledge transfer and facilitate the interfaces between research and the socio-economic and cultural environment, two instruments have been set up : early TRL projects (prematuration stage) and Joint Laboratories.

The Grenoble area already boasts many instruments and structures to support knowledge transfer and foster the interactions between laboratories and the socio-economic and cultural world. Thus, the SATT Linksium combines two missions: technology transfer and the creation of startups; the in-houses FLORALIS (UGA) and Grenoble INP Entreprise, as well as Grenoble INP and UGA foundations facilitate partenarial research.

The Carnot Institutes also contribute to the development of partnership research by professionalizing the laboratories' approach towards companies and the socio-economic world: Energies du Futur, CEA Leti, LSI (Software and Intelligent Systems), PolyNat (eco-design of high-performance and innovative biosource materials), Inria and INRAE.

The instruments put in place

The pre-maturation scheme

IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes supports the transfer of research results into products, methodologies or services and to support the pre-maturation phase upstream of the SATT Linksium actions. The objective is to develop a prototype, carry out a proof of concept or test a methodology. At the end of the project, opportunities for transfer or realization of contracts financed by actors from the cultural, economic or societal world are expected.

Since 2017, 14 pre-maturation projects have been initiated and have raised more than €1.5 million in funding from private and public partners.

2 projects are currently in the maturation phase at SATT Linksium: one on an antiviral approach targeting sugars (GLYCOFLU): link, the other on the development of a drug candidate for Huntington's disease Transglyc (website under construction).

3 projects are in the process of assembling a maturing application by the end of 2020 in the fields of energy and electrical networks, the environment and atmospheric pollutants or the development of new iminosugars.

IDEX call for proposal “Innovation Grant”
List of labelled projects

This action is supported by Idex Université Grenoble Alpes.

The joint laboratory system (LabCom)

IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes facilitates the creation of new partnerships or the development of existing collaborations between its laboratories and stakeholders from the cultural, social and economic world, thanks to the creation of joint laboratories or “LabCom”.
7 LabCom have thus been created in fields such as data sciences, health, geosciences and the environment, materials and engineering.

Several start-ups in the Grenoble area and local authorities are involved in these projects.

This initiative has made it possible to raise €5.4 million in funds from the industrial partners involved in these projects, compared with €1 million invested by IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes.


InnOvalie project (for "Innovation at the service of Ovalie"), in partnership with Grenoble Rugby Football Club (FCG Rugby).

The use of data in professional sports has increased considerably these last years. This trend is accelerating, with the volume of data available for professional teams growing exponentially.

This considerable mass of data, which to date has been little or poorly exploited, has an extremely strong potential for valorisation both in terms of helping to optimise performance and in terms of helping to prevent injuries and optimise the return to activity.

These are the two major priorities of the Football Club de Grenoble Rugby (FCG Rugby), partner of the IDEX UGA LabCom “Innovation at the service of ovality”.

This LabCom supported by the IDEX project is interdisciplinary and benefits from the expertise of established UGA laboratories in the fields of sports sciences and human movement (AGEIS), engineering sciences, computer science and applied mathematics (LJK).

Part of the scientific strategy of Grenoble it has important interactions with the MIAI Grenoble Alpes Institute, the MaiMoSiNE research federation, the IRT Nanoelec and the Institut Carnot Logiciels et Systèmes Intelligents.

The InnOvalie project already made it possible to initiate collaborations with other national and international actors of the sports world, prefiguring the definition of a larger IA/Sport/Health project.
This action is supported by Idex Université Grenoble Alpes.

Published on  July 22, 2020
Updated on October 9, 2020