Idex chairs

The aim of the "Idex chairs" is to attract very high-level candidates (ERC type for example), with a view to creating a research group and acquiring new skills in emerging fields or significantly strengthening established fields within Université Grenoble Alpes.
Funding includes the salary of the chairholder and a significant support budget. This funding is allocated on the basis of the level of the candidate and his/her research project.

This funding makes it possible to fund operational costs as well as doctoral or post-doctoral students.

This instrument has enabled the recruitment of 13 "Idex chair-holders".

In the areas of :
  • Astrophysics and sciences of the universe (2 chairs).
  • Artificial Intelligence (5 chairs).
  • Life sciences: structural and integrative biology, neurosciences (3 chairs).
  • Physics and Quantum Engineering (2 chairs, 1 of which is shared with SHS).
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (1 Chair).
1.4 M€ in total (salaries and support budget)
Published on  July 21, 2020
Updated on October 9, 2020