Requesting cancellation of your registration

You are registered at University Grenoble Alpes and wish to cancel your registration? According to certain conditions you can cancel your registration and request a refund of your registration fees depending on the reason given and the deadlines in question.

In which circumstances?

Case 1: you wish to withdraw from your administrative registration (without justification)

Case 2 : you wish to register at another university or establishment

Case 3 : You are a CPGE student enrolled at the same time at university and wish to resign from your preparatory class.

Case 4 : you have special circumstances and wish to cancel your registration or you are out of time to request cancellation

Criteria for refund eligibility

  • Your family or partner are moving away.
  • Health conditions.
  • Employment.
  • No companies are available for a placement.
  • Completion of studies abroad or at a private institute.
  • Rejection of dual registration for an approved course.

Practical information

  • The administrative registration cancellation form must be returned, with the supporting documents requested attached, to your enrollment department.
  • Canceling administrative registration will lead to the loss of your status as a student.
  • In the event that registration fees are refund, the sum of €23 will be deducted for administrative purposes.
  • In the event of payment in 3 parts, refund will only be made after the 3rd payment.
  • Refunds will be made by bank transfer by the UGA accounts department.
  • Depending on the reason for your request and the department you are enrolled in, there will be different deadlines to respect (deadlines will be communicated soon).

According to the reason of your request and your studies course, be sure to respect the deadlines indicated below to file your request of cancellation for the comittee :

  • 1st committee : You must submit your application before october 1st 2023
  • 2nd committee : You must submit your application before november 1st 2023
  • 3rd committee : You must submit your application before december 1st 2023
Beyond these dates, no cancellation or refund will be allowed.
Please note :
The submission for the cancellation of your registration is over for the academic year 2023-2024.
Published on  February 7, 2020
Updated on January 22, 2024