• On the Nov 20, 2020
    The street artist Rosie Woods visited the Saint-Martin-d'Hères campus from October 14 to 25, 2020 where she painted three murals entitled "Veils of knowledge" on the DLST building. She explains her approach and her journ...
  • On the Nov 10, 2020
    Launched on the night of September 3 at 1:51 am UT (3:51 am French time) on Arianespace's Vega 16 flight, AMICal SaT, the first nanosatellite of the Grenoble University Space Center (CSUG - UGA/Grenoble INP-UGA), transmi...


The Conversation

Published on  February 7, 2020
Updated onFebruary 7, 2020