On course for the Beijing Paralympic Games with the UGA champions!

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On March 1, 2022
Arthur Bauchet, a student at UGA, has already won 4 Paralympic vice-championships © FFH - Luc Percival
The adventure continues in Beijing for the Université Grenoble Alpes Olympic delegation. From 4 to 13 March 2022, five UGA students and young graduates will participate in the 13th edition of the Paralympic Winter Games.
Arthur Bauchet, Jordan Broisin, Maxime Jourdan, Brice Ottonello and Alexandre Pouyé are part of the French selection for the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games and of the 33 UGA athletes taking part in the year's winter Olympiad.

After the four Olympic medals (a quarter of the French medals) and the 11 top 10 medals won by UGA students and graduates during February’s Olympic Games, these five champions will once again be in Beijing for the 13th Winter Paralympic Games: 10 days of high-level sports events.

A quarter of the French Paralympic team

Among the 19 French athletes who will be on the Beijing Paralympic track, 5 are students or graduates of high-level sports at UGA. Two are qualified in para-alpine skiing and 3 as guides in para-alpine and para-Nordic skiing.

Arthur Bauchet, étudiant à l’UGA. Equipe de France de para ski alpin © FFH - Luc PercivalJordan Broisin, diplômé de l’UGA. Equipe de France de para ski alpin © FFH - Ralf KuckuckMaxime Jourdan, diplômé de l’UGA. Equipe de France de para ski alpin (guide) © FFH - Luc PercivalBrice Ottonello, étudiant à l’UGA. Equipe de France de para ski nordique (guide) © FFH - Adrian StykowskiAlexandre Pouyé, diplômé de l’UGA. Equipe de France de para ski nordique (guide) © FFH - Adrian StykowskiLogo SHN UGA

As in the Olympic Games, the UGA champions represent a quarter of the French delegation.

Five champions and a chance for medals

Before participating in the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games, Arthur Bauchet, Jordan Broisin, Maxime Jourdan, Brice Ottonello and Alexandre Pouyé proudly defended the colors of the French team last January in Lillehammer (Norway) during the 2022 Para-sports World Championships. During these world championships, they significantly contributed to France's success, 3rd nation in the competition, by winning three gold medals, three silver and one bronze.

Like Arthur Bauchet, who has been dominating the world of para-alpine skiing for several years and who already holds four Paralympic vice-championship titles, the five UGA athletes are all hoping to win new titles or medals in Beijing.

Arthur Bauchet

Student in the 1st year of a degree in Physics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Mathematics (DLST, Faculty of Science - UGA). Member of the French para-skiing team.
In 2018, at just 17 years old, Arthur Bauchet won four Paralympic vice-champion titles at the PyeongChang Games. With 9 crystal globes, the young scientist has since dominated the world para-alpine skiing. He also distinguished himself at the 2022 World Championships with two world champion titles (super combined and slalom), and two vice world champion titles (downhill and giant).

Jordan Broisin

Graduated from Phelma Engineering School (Grenoble INP - UGA) in 2016 and a Master's degree in Business Administration (Grenoble IAE - INP, UGA) in 2017. Member of the French para-skiing team.
From PeyongChang to Beijing. Ranked 14th in the downhill and giant slalom at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games, Jordan Broisin is aiming for a Paralympic medal this year. A Marketing Officer, this skiing enthusiast has performed well at the 2022 World Championships with a 5th place in the giant slalom, a 6th place in the downhill and two top 10 finishes in the super G.

Maxime Jourdan

Graduated with a STAPS degree in Adapted Physical Activity and Health (UFR STAPS, Faculté H3S - UGA) in 2020. Member of the French para-skiing team (guide).
During the 2022 World Championships, Maxime Jourdan guided Hyacinthe Deleplace to victory in one of his three world titles, the super combined. He also won a superb bronze medal with him in the giant slalom (visually impaired category). The duo distinguished themselves at the 2020-2021 World Cup where they finished 1st in the overall ranking, 1st in the slalom ranking and 3rd in the giant ranking.

Brice Ottonello

Student in the 3rd year of a Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering degree (UFR PhITEM, Faculty of Science - UGA). Member of the French para-Nordic ski team (guide).
High-level snowboarder, Brice Ottonello discovered a new facet of his discipline by becoming a guide for Anthony Chalençon in 2019. At the 2019-2020 Para-Nordic Skiing World Cup, the duo ranked 3rd in the team event and 5th in the individual event. During the 2022 World Cup, they won a silver medal in the relay event (visually impaired category).

Alexandre Pouyé

Graduated with a Master's in STAPS, Training and Optimization of Sports Performance (UFR STAPS, Faculty H3S - UGA) in 2021. Member of the French para-Nordic ski team (guide). Supported by the UGA Foundation.
Member of the French cross-country ski team for several years, Alexandre Pouyé will end his career as a high-level cross-country skier in 2021. For more than two years, he has been one of Anthony Chalençon's guides, with whom he will try to obtain the most prestigious of medals during these Paralympics. In January, with Brice Ottonello, Alexandre Pouyé allowed Benjamin Daviet and Anthony Chalençon to win the title of vice world champions in the relay event (visually impaired category).

Paralympic events program broadcast by France Télévision.

Inter'Val: a scheme for the winter sports elite

Mis en place en 2004 pour répondre aux très fortes contraintes rencontrées par les spécialistes des sports d'hiver, le dispositif d’accompagnement Inter’Val est proposé dans toutes les filières d’études de l’UGA. Réservé aux athlètes engagés dans les plus grandes compétitions internationales, ce dispositif d’accompagnement spécifique repose sur un partenariat unique en France entre l’UGA, l’Agence nationale du sport (ANS) et 4 fédérations : la Fédération française de ski (FFS), la Fédération française des sports de glace (FFSG), la Fédération française de hockey sur glace (FFHG) et la Fédération française handisport (FFH).

Cette année, sur les 600 étudiantes et étudiants SHN accompagnés dans leur double projet par l’UGA, 97 bénéficient du dispositif Inter’Val dont 20 sont en piste à Pékin. La réussite du dispositif est aussi celle des 13 diplômés de l’UGA qui poursuivent leur carrière sportive aux JO de Pékin tout en ayant assuré leur avenir professionnel.

Set up in 2004 to address the very serious constraints faced by winter sports specialists, the Inter'Val support system is offered in all UGA study courses. Reserved for athletes involved in the biggest international competitions, this specific support system is based on a unique partnership in France between UGA, the French National Sports Agency (ANS) and 4 federations: the French Ski Federation (FFS), the French Ice Sports Federation (FFSG), the French Ice Hockey Federation (FFHG) and the French Federation for the Disabled (FFH).

This year, out of the 600 SHN students supported by UGA in their dual project, 97 benefit from the Inter'Val system, 20 of whom are on the track in Beijing. The success of the program is also the success of the 13 UGA graduates who are pursuing their sports career at the Beijing Olympics while having secured their professional future.
Published on  March 1, 2022
Updated on  March 1, 2022