Applying on Parcoursup

Parcoursup is the French national portal for coordinating admissions to higher education.

January 17 to March 14, 2024: registration and wish entry phase on Parcoursup

The first step is to create your individual Parcoursup file, in which you enter your identity, contact details and academic background. You will then be given a file number and a confidential code, which you will need for all subsequent phases.

On Parcoursup, you can consult the information sheets presenting the courses and their characteristics, in particular the expectations (skills and knowledge needed to succeed in each course).

Secondly, you must formulate your wishes (10 maximum) according to your study project. You have :
  • Until March 14, 2024 to choose the courses you wish to apply for.
  • Until April 3, 2024 to confirm your applications and, if necessary, complete the Avenir form. This form includes the opinion of your head teacher, your motivation for the course you wish to follow, your project, your grades, your class rank, the level of your class and the steps you have taken (internships, experience, etc.). An Avenir form must be completed for each application.

May 30, 2024 to September 2024: receipt and acceptance of proposals

From May 30, 2024 onwards, you must log on to the platform and take note of the admission proposals made to you.
Please note:
Admission proposals are suspended for the duration of the baccalauréat written exams.

For each application, you will receive one of the following responses:
  • Yes: offer of admission.
  • Yes, if: offer of admission on condition that you follow a personalized training program to strengthen your skills.
  • Waiting for a place.
  • No: for selective courses.
You must reply within the deadline indicated by the platform.

If you receive only one admission offer, you can accept or decline it. However, it's very unwise to give up a single admission offer, as there is no guarantee that you will receive a new offer.

If you are offered several courses, you can only accept one of them, the one that corresponds to the course that best suits your needs. When you accept a proposal, you give up the other proposals and free up places that can be offered to other candidates.

If you accept a proposal while you are waiting for a place in other courses, and you wish to keep one or more of these pending wishes, you must indicate this clearly for each one, otherwise these pending wishes will be deleted.

If you accept an offer of admission to Université Grenoble Alpes, you will need to register with the university in July.

Published on  February 6, 2020
Updated on January 16, 2024