Administrative registration directly with the admission department

If you are in a particular situation or cannot register online, you must register directly with your admission department. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1 : Contact your admission department

Once your admission has been confirmed and you have the award (or qualification) required to registrate, contact your admission department to find out how to register. The contact details for your department appear on your admission acceptance message.

Step 2 : Pay your CVEC

Every student who wants to register for initial training in a higher education establishment must pay the "student and campus life contribution" (CVEC) to the CROUS before registering at the establishment.

The CVEC is an annual fee of € 95 designed to finance preventative actions and projects to help improve living and studying conditions and campus life.

Step 3 : Register at UGA

Before completing the registration form, we invite you to consult the explanatory note, in particular to find out about the various sections you will have to complete and consult the list of supporting documents required to be provided. To register, you must collect the following mandatory documents :
  • The registration form
  • The supporting documents required according to your situation (see the explanatory note above)
  • A payment method (bank card, check or bank transfer) for payment of tuition fees

Your student card will be given to you after the registration if no supporting documents are missing. It is essential that you collect your student card in order to attend your classes and take the exams.

Step 4 : Get your school certificate

Concerning the school certificate and the payment receipt, it will be available in the "Mon Dossier Web" section of the LEO student intranet.

5. Withdraw your student card

The organization for the withdrawal of the student card differs according to the schools, faculties or institutes. Please contact your academic division for the procedure.

Consult the list of UGA academic divisions
Please note : if you do not have an appointment and are instructed to return your file directly by email to your admission department, please send it to the address indicated in the admission confirmation email that you have received.
Published on  February 7, 2020
Updated onJune 16, 2022