Administrative re-registration (students previously registered at UGA)

Complete the following steps to re-register at UGA.
Online re-registration's website (called REINS) has been open since Tuesday August 22nd 2023. However, it is imperative to refer to your school department website to know the exact registration dates for your university course.

1. Get your CVEC

Every student who wants to register for initial training or apprenticeship contract in a French higher education establishment must pay the "student and campus life contribution" (called CVEC in French) on the CROUS website before registering in the establishment.

For 2023-2024, the CVEC cost € 100. This contribution is designed to finance preventative actions and projects to help improve living and studying conditions and campus life (please note that some audiences are not affected by the CVEC, consult the site below to find out about the audiences concerned).

2. Register online

Before registering, we invite you to consult the online registration guide to help you step by step in your online registration on the “IA REINS” website (this guide is written in French).

Once you registered, you can find your registration confirmation at any time with the consultation link.

3. File supporting documents online

Once you have validated your registration, you may have to submit some supporting documents according to your situation. These documents must be provided on the following platform to complete your registration :

4. Retrieve your schooling certificate

Concerning your school certificate, it will be available in the "Mon Dossier Web" section of the LEO student website (You can check the attached procedure if you need).

The login credentials for the LEO student intranet are the same as those given to you when you first registered at UGA.

5. Update your student card

The update of the student card for students who re-register at UGA consists of affixing a "2023-2024" sticker on the academic year indicated on your card. The organization for the distribution of this sticker to students differs according to your academic division or unit. You must contact your division or unit to find out how to get your 2023-2024 sticker.

Published on  February 6, 2020
Updated on August 28, 2023