Cultural life

Grenoble Alpes, a culture-rich urban area.

Arts & sciences workshop

Together with the Hexagone, the first national arts-sciences stage, the CEA creates a shared research laboratory where artists and scientists can collaborate.

Its missions are to:
  • innovate and create at the crossroads of arts and sciences
  • create the conditions for encounters between artists and scientists
  • explore new perspectives for arts, technology and industry
  • foster exploration and imagination
  • cross experiences and perspectives and enrich methods
  • enable people to develop their vision of the world, in the wake of the social changes brought on by scientific knowledge and new technologies.

MC2, the best equipped national stage in France

Grenoble can boast a set of four performance halls and rehearsal studios which are unique in France. Beyond three theaters (between 250 and 1,400 seats) able to accommodate any possible staging, from the traditional to the innovative, it also offers an exceptional musical hall: a 13,000 square meter auditorium with up to 1,000 seats, to host in Grenoble the greatest performers and orchestra.
MC2 also hosts a creation center:  the national Grenoble dance center.

Grenoble Museum, one of the finest collections of modern art in Europe

The collection of Grenoble Museum covers the history of Western art from the 13th to the 21st century:
  • masterpieces from the classical Flemish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish schools.
  • one of the richest collections in Europe for the 20th century, with all great schools of contemporary arts since 1945 – Chagall, Picasso, Miro…
  • a collection of Egyptian antiquities studied and documented by Champollion.
The Museum also organizes two large temporary exhibitions each year.

Le Magasin

A national center of contemporary art, Le Magasin explores trans-disciplinary and un-disciplined approaches! In connection with the region, open to the world, it offers exhibitions, events, shows, meetings, performances…

Published on  January 22, 2020
Updated on February 19, 2020