The main campus, located in the districts of Gières and Saint-Martin-d'Hères and known as the "Domaine universitaire", was built in the early 1960s. It is recognized today as one of the most beautiful in France, with its 3,000 trees, many sports and cultural facilities, unique architecture, and 41 works of art. On a 175-hectare site, the university domain is a great place to study and work, and is regularly ranked in the top student city rankings.

A number of UGA's institutions are located in downtown Grenoble, as well as in the southern districts of Grenoble and Echirolles.

The "Presqu’île scientifique" (Science Park) is home to the Synchrotron, ESRF's electromagnetic instrument, among other major research facilities. The area is the focus of a large-scale urban development project designed to create a real living and working environment, with the creation of new businesses, housing, public spaces, and a new range of transportation measures.

Numerous services have been deployed to make it easier for students and staff to settle in to Grenoble and to answer administrative and daily life questions.

Key figures

  • 55,000 students
  • 3,200 PhD students


The Grenoble campus offers a wide range of courses at all levels, from DUT to PhD, covering all university disciplines.


In pictures

Le campus de Saint-Martin-d'Hères
Vue de la presqu'île scientifique et du synchrotron de Grenoble © Pierre Jayet
La ville de Grenoble vue depuis la Bastille
Les oeuvres d'art du campus
Le campus de Saint-Martin-d'Hères
Le campus de Saint-Martin-d'Hères


Published on  July 24, 2020
Updated on April 8, 2021