UGA internships

Would you like to do an internship in a laboratory, an administrative department of the University Grenoble Alpes (UGA)? You must be enrolled in a French or foreign higher education institution. Here are the steps to follow.

The internship agreement

An agreement is mandatory for any internship at the UGA, the model is provided by the host organization. The agreement must be signed before the start of the internship by the host organization, the intern and the home university.

Students doing an internship as part of the Erasmus+ program will have to obtain the following documents from their home university in addition to the UGA internship agreement:
  • A learning Agreement for Traineeship Mobilities
  • At the end of the internship, a certificate of completion of the internship specific to Erasmus+.
They may possibly benefit from an Erasmus+ grant paid by their home institution, and validate ECTS credits. Students can contact their home university for more information.

According to the duration of your internship, your internship agreement must be declared to the DIRECCTE (Direction régionale des entreprises dela concurrence, de la consommation, du travail et de l'emploi d'Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes).
> Consult the section "internship agreements".

An internship in France is subject to French legislation, the trainee benefits from a stipend if the internship duration is more than 308 hours, as well as certain rights (holidays, reimbursement of public transport, etc...)
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Staff card

The host organization can issue a staff card called "Izly".
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At the UGA, transport will be covered by the host organization under the same conditions as for employees.
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Prepare your stay

Find practical information that will guide you throughout your stay at the UGA (health, accommodation, visa and residence permit, practical life...).
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Updated onJanuary 31, 2020