The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

Founded in 1939, the CNRS is among the world's leading research institutions. Its scientists explore the living world, matter, the Universe, and the functioning of human societies; in order to meet the major challenges of today and the future. Internationally recognized for the excellence of its scientific research, the CNRS is a benchmark in the world of research and development, as well as for the general public.
The French government has entrusted the CNRS with the role of advancing knowledge for the benefit of society. With 33,000 staff and a budget of 3.3 billion euros, the CNRS carries out its activities in all fields of knowledge, with the help of over 1,100 laboratories in France and abroad. It does research in all scientific, social and technological fields, including mathematics, physics, communications, and computer sciences and technology, nuclear physics and particle physics, Earth sciences, chemistry, biology, human and social sciences, the environment, and engineering.
Published on  October 7, 2020
Updated on October 7, 2020