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Download the Université Grenoble Alpes application on your smartphone to see all of the campus' news, find your way around the site and make the most of your multi-service card.

App features

  • Find out about upcoming concerts, shows, debates, etc.
  • Book your place at a conference
  • Find the Amphidice, EVE, DLST, Accueil iCampus, where to eat and the location of your next class, etc.
  • See nearby TAG and Transisère stops and timetables
  • See busy periods for libraries, find out when your books need to be returned
  • Monitor your print quota, swimming pool entries, etc.

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Valeur automatiquement renseignée depuis la médiathèqueValeur automatiquement renseignée depuis la médiathèque
Published on  February 7, 2020
Updated on February 18, 2020