Sport Perf Health

Sport and physical activity constitute essential subjects of scientific study both as original models for the development of knowledge and as relevant fields of application in several scientific domains, in order to address major societal stakes (health, environment, economy).
This project aims to bring together the main academic, technological and socio-economic actors in the field of sport and physical activity in the Grenoble area, in order to develop an integrated approach of the human being in motion in his environment. Based on specific case studies, we will demonstrate the scientific and societal impact of a multifactorial, interdisciplinary, in situ and longitudinal approach, based on recent technological and methodological advances, capable of providing new theoretical and practical knowledge on sports performance and physical activity for the well-being and health of all.


Sport and physical activity constitute major health, socio-cultural and economic issues in Western societies. There is substantial evidence of their benefits on health and well-being (physical activity notably reduces the risk of mortality by 30%), and of the risks associated with sedentary behaviors, which continue to increase and represent a real epidemic worldwide. In France, 95% of the adult population is exposed to a health risk due to physical inactivity. In addition, high-level competitive sport provides a showcase through the media exposure of major national and international competitions, and represents an essential economy development lever, notably for the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, which is the first French region in the industrial sector of outdoor sports.


The project aims to address these challenges and go beyond the current siloed and fragmented approaches based on an ambitious and original interdisciplinary approach, by (1) providing a multidimensional physical, psychosocial and sociological evaluation in order to implement individualized interventions, (2) moving outside the laboratory to address the complexity of in situ conditions of sport and physical activity practice, (3) modeling and predicting potential improvement in health status and sport performance, and (4) facilitating transfer of knowledge and practical innovations.

A transformative project

Scientific studies are necessary to optimize human movement based on effective physical activity and sport training programs that aim at maximizing physical and psychosocial capacities for health and performance purposes. This poses several scientific and technological challenges that are common to the optimization of health-enhancing physical activity and sport performance.

National and international reach

The project should position University Grenoble Alpes as a major national actor in the field, increasing its visibility in particular within national structures and authorities (e.g., National Sports Agency), but also at the international level through participation in the major institutions in the field (e.g., international teaching and medical societies, international sport federations, International Olympic Committee).

For a better visibility of Grenoble

This project should both highlight Grenoble's excellent research at the national and international levels and contribute to defining future technological, economic, health and educational applications and orientations in the fields of sport and physical activity.
Updated on  March 9, 2023