Attractive scientific ecosystem

Today, more than 7% of Grenoble's population works in the R&D sector, and almost half of total employment is in related sectors such as micro and nanotechnology (20,000 jobs), information and communication technologies (20,000 jobs) and energy (12,000 jobs).

Always high in the rankings of the most innovative cities, Grenoble, with a very high rate of patents per inhabitant, has developed a unique and efficient model of innovation and knowledge transfer.

Since the 19th century, Grenoble has grown at the pace of endogenous innovation, based on the intertwining of the university and society. It is also rich in multiple social and cultural innovations. The Forbes ranking in 2013 distinguished Grenoble as the 5th most innovative city in the world.

With its cutting-edge research and innovation eco-system on bilateral contracts, in phase with the economic world, Grenoble is one of the three finalists for the 1st prize of the European Capital of Innovation awarded by the European Commission (iCapital) in 2014.

The University Grenoble Alpes was ranked in 2015 among the 100 most innovative universities worldwide. FDI Intelligence (Financial Time Group) ranked Grenoble 17th in the world in its top 25 Cities of the Future and 5th in the top 10 "Small European Cities" for strategy.

Here we dare, here we can

The dynamism of Grenoble's ecosystem is based on close interaction between universities, major research centres and companies, particularly multinationals. While the understanding of these major players is essential, innovation is a state of mind shared by all and for all and in all fields. Grenoble was thus the first to set up mutual insurance companies or family planning, and the Grenoble conurbation was one of the first to transform itself into a metropolis (Grenoble-Alpes Métropole).

On the scientific and technical level, the presence of major European instruments, as well as national research bodies and a university with first-rate facilities, means that the area has all the tools it needs to enable students, researchers, businesses and citizens to invent, create and innovate. Grenoble Alps is a land of experimentation, where people are not afraid to try, to test, where it is permissible to dare - even to make mistakes, but which opens the way to success.

Grenoble Alpes embodies the entrepreneurial spirit

With more than 300 start-ups created in 10 years, Grenoble Alpes is a real "start-up city". Start-ups can rely on business incubators, accelerators, such as innovation parks. Each player provides support for projects and companies at its own level.

In 2014, Grenoble was awarded the FrenchTech label, one of a handful of cities in France that brings together energies, skills and resources to accelerate collective projects with digital technology.
Published on  July 24, 2020
Updated on July 24, 2020