Innovation and technology transfer

Are you looking to promote your research work to businesses? Are you looking for help setting up a business?
Valorization involves increasing the value of innovative research results in order to transfer them to stakeholders in the cultural, economic and business world. It is essential to incorporate valorization into your research activities. In particular, before publishing your research results, feel free to contact our valorization services to look into the relevance of instruments for the protection of intellectual property. It may be possible to protect your results and establish a transfer in order to:
  • Share your research results for the benefit of the population (new products, new services, etc.)
  • Contribute to economic development and create jobs
  • Secure additional resources to fund research (notably through partnership contracts with the beneficiary of the transfer)
  • Benefit from the positive impact on the brand image of training and research institutions (excellence and external collaboration)
  • And, finally, to keep third parties from appropriating your research results. Valorization is a win-win solution!
Innovative results are results that are eligible for protection through industrial property instruments (patents, plant breeders' rights, designs and models, brands) or intellectual property instruments (software, databases), or which are subject to trade secrets (expertise such as, for example, management methods, improvement of procedures, etc.), regardless of the scientific field.
In order for innovative results to be promoted in the socioeconomic and cultural fields, they need to demonstrate economic value and therefore be materialized in the form of industrial or intellectual property instruments or be subject to a trade secret. If your innovative results are published without being protected beforehand, they will have no economic value. You would be unable to prevent a third party from using the same results for their own commercial purposes and would therefore have no competitive advantage if you then tried to do the same.

Relations with the socioeconomic world

Published on  January 30, 2020
Updated on October 9, 2020