The University Hospital (CHU)

One of France's top 10 leading hospitals, the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital (CHUGA) is the top hospital and resource for the Alps area, which is home to two million people.
With 9,000 staff, including over 2,000 doctors, the CHUGA treats 900,000 patients every year, providing day-to-day and highly specialized medical and surgical care, as well as emergency care to all of its patients, 24/7. Offering all medical specializations and equipped with cutting-edge technology, the CHUGA boasts several fields of excellence, from medical care to research. To foster the medical field of the 21st century, the CHUGA invests in the future by providing in-depth training for all of its staff.


In partnership with Université Grenoble Alpes and the faculties of medicine and pharmacy, the University Hospital actively participates in training physicians and pharmacists. It also manages 10 schools and training institutes for paramedical staff, which are attended by over 1,100 students every year.


The University Hospital boasts strong potential in several research fields where its scientific reputation has already been established. It invests in the progress of medical and pharmaceutical sciences in partnership with all of its research partners (faculties, units of INSERM, CNRS, Synchrotron, etc.).
Published on  October 7, 2020
Updated on October 13, 2020