Les conférences d'exception

Two to three times a year, eminent scientists and Nobel Laureates are invited to take part in a “Conférences d’exception”– “exceptional lectures” open to all students, faculty, staff and local residents that cover topics from sustainable economy to life on exoplanets.
First started in 2012, these conferences bring to light the different disciplines covered by the scientific community in Grenoble and the greater region, and make time for questions, debate and dialog with the speaker.

Some examples of invited personalities

  • 2012: Dan Shechtman, Nobel prize for Chemistry 2011
  • 2013: Serge Haroche, Nobel prize for Physics 2012
  • 2014: Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel prize for Chemistry 1987
  • 2015:  Ada Yonath, Nobel prize for Chemistry 2009
  • 2016: Thibault Damour, Albert-Einstein medalist 
  • 2017: Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Nobel prize for Chemistry 2016
  • 2017: Hiroshi Amano, Nobel prize for Physics 2014
  • 2017: Pierre Rosanvallon, Collège de France professor
  • 2017: Julien Prévieux, Marcel Duchamp laureate 
  • 2018: John Agnew, member of the British Academy
  • 2019: Stéphane Udry, director of the Observatoire de Genève
  • 2019: Valérie Masson-Delmotte, co-president of group 1 of GIEC
  • 2019: Gilles Dowek, Grand Prix of Philosophie of the Académie Française
  • 2019: Michel Brunet and Yves Coppens, from Collège de France
  • 2019: Gérard Mourou, Nobel prize for Physics 2018
  • 2019: Kip Thorne, Nobel prize for Physics 2017
Published on  February 18, 2020
Updated on December 13, 2021