The University School of Technology

The University School of Technology (EUT) was born from the merger of the three IUTs of the University, IUT1, IUT2 and the IUT of Valence. It hosts nearly 7,000 students and covers three departments of the AURA region: Ardèche, Drôme and Isère.
Studying at the EUT means acquiring, in addition to technical skills in numerous specialties in the production and service sectors, all the resources necessary for successful professional integration, but also for retraining or professional mobility. The EUT aims to be the professionalizing link for university studies via a training offer at the undergraduate level of its IUT (University Diploma of Technology and Professional Bachelor) and even at the graduate level via lifelong learning (FTLV). The EUT seeks to bring dynamism to its territory by allowing high school students, employees and job seekers to succeed in their life project. EUT attaches primary importance to supporting the personal project of students in initial or continuing education; the opportunities on offer reinforce their employment prospects immediately or after further study: international experience, work experience, associative activities, participation in institutional projects, etc. In this way, EUT links its student projects with the needs of employers.

Divisions of the University:

Published on  March 23, 2020
Updated on March 23, 2020