The Faculty of Humanities, Health, Sport and Society

The Faculty of Humanities, Health, Sport and Society brings together 7 UFRs covering a wide spectrum of UGA's fields of activity in training and research.
The UFRs of Arts and Human Sciences (ARSH); Language, Literature, Performing Arts, Information and Communication (LLASIC); societies, cultures and foreign languages (Socle); Medicine; Pharmacy; Human and Social Sciences (SHS); Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities (STAPS). This CSPM was born out of the ambition to create a meeting between diverse academic communities that have a common interest in the humane, and everything it entails. Several major challenges drive this ambition at the service of students, starting with the promotion of interculturality and the internationalization of training courses, particularly through the affirmation of the French-speaking world as a lever of influence for the university.

Divisions of the Faculty :

Published on  March 23, 2020
Updated on January 13, 2023