Faculty of Science

Based on high-level research laboratories and in close contact with socio-professional circles, the Faculty of Sciences of UGA covers a wide range of disciplines from Mathematics to Biology, including Physics, Mechanics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Earth and Environmental Sciences.
From basic sciences to technology, from astrophysics to industrial processes, from the first year of an undergraduate degree to the second year of a master's degree, our 5,000 students benefit from the constant support of nearly 600 teachers and 140 administrative and technical staff, who help them to immerse themselves in a broad scientific culture, to become more professional, to specialize, and to prepare themselves for the professions of the future thanks to high-performance training courses. After their studies in our Faculty of Sciences, these students will move towards research by continuing their studies with a doctorate, will enter begin their professional career, or will benefit from the possibilities of gateways to other sectors (health, engineering schools, etc.).

Divisions of the Faculty :

Published on  March 23, 2020
Updated on March 31, 2022