Adressing Cybersecurity challenges by bridging technology and social science

CyberAlps (ex Cybersecurity Institute) aims at promoting and federating research in order to respond in a multidisciplinary way to the strategic challenges of cybersecurity and resilience. Following an innovative holistic approach that closely associates scientific research with technological developments, CyberAlps relies on international scientific cooperation as well as solid partnerships with the private sector and leading institutions in France and abroad.


The rise of cybercrime and cyberattacks constitutes a major challenge for the future of our society, its resilience and its security. CyberAlps aims at offering viable and sustainable solutions to ensure end-to-end digital security, ranging from embedded security to data sovereignty and cybersecurity regulation, including privacy by design, the analysis of new threats and tools for forensic investigations, evaluation and cryptanalysis.


CyberAlps conducts research on topics that are at the crossroads of several fields of research. In a unique way, it brings together 14 laboratories and more than 100 researchers from various backgrounds (mathematics, computer science, micro-electronics, law, economics, management or political science, etc.) who are convinced of the need for multidisciplinary research and cooperation in the strategic field of cybersecurity.

A transformative project

CyberAlps develops multidisciplinary research in cybersecurity for the benefit of everyone. Following a cross-fertilization approach, it inscribes its action in the local, regional and national scientific ecosystem but also in that of education and constitutes an essential interface between science, economy, education and governance.

National and international reach

In 2021, a plan of one billion euros has been launched to strengthen France's cyber defense. This plan includes the development of innovative sovereign cybersecurity solutions and the strengthening of links between the various actors in order to increase France's international position on these issues. Through many of its researchers and laboratories, CyberAlps is closely associated to the French cybersecurity’ ‘Priority Research Program and Equipment’ (PEPR-Cyber) supported by the CNRS, CEA and INRIA.

For a better visibility of Grenoble

Through its size; through multidisciplinary and holistic research; through a number of regional, national and international collaborations and partnerships with major cybersecurity players; through the quality of its publications and communications, CyberAlps gives to Grenoble a first-rate visibility in the field of cybersecurity.

Updated on  February 28, 2023