The structuring initiatives of Idex Université Grenoble Alpes

Research and innovation

Recruitment of researchers

  • Objective: encourage researchers and professor-researchers recruited less than 3 years previously to start their research career (excluding periods of leave for personal reasons).
  • Call for projects: "Strategic research initiatives: Welcoming newcomers" (annual call).
  • Funding: 148 projects - 2,75 M€.

Support for innovative research projects

  • Objective: promote research projects that address new issues, new or risky angles of study.
  • Call for projects: "Strategic Research Initiatives: Exploratory and Emerging Projects" (annual call).
  • Funding: 220 projects - 3,8 M€.


Support and accelerate new pedagogical approaches

  • Call for projects: "Educational transformations and learning-by-doing platforms" (annual call).
  • Funding: 114 projects - €8.3 million.
  • Creation of the Center for New Pedagogies to support pedagogical innovation. More than 1,600 hours of pedagogical engineering.

Design of training modules

  • Objective: to test new training modules built around multi-disciplinarity, links with research or internationalization.
  • Call for projects: CIBLE UE (launched in 2019).
  • Funding: 26 projects - €0.9M.
  • 46% of the projects involve the humanities and social sciences communities.

Student life

Creation of innovative services in the field of student life

  • Calls for projects: "Innovative services" and "Students: break the barriers!" (annual call).
  • Funding: 18 projects - 600 k€.
  • iCampus website, Hapi mobility service for students with disabilities.

Social and cultural outreach

Drive emerging initiatives and develop partnerships

  • Call for projects: "Social and cultural radiance" (annual call).
  • Funding: 78 projects - 1.2 M€.
  • 171 partners, 60,000 participants including 10,000 students.
  • Promotion of mathematics (Grange des Maths, Scientific Game Jam, artist residencies, etc.)

Technology outreach and valorization

Technology transfer

  • Objective: accelerate the outreach of research results into products, methodologies and services, and support the preliminary phase of SATT Linksium's actions.
  • Call for projects: "Innovation Grant", preliminary device (annual call).
  • Funding: 14 projects - 666.5 k€.
  • Fields: Physics, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Geosciences-Environment, Chemistry-Biology-Health, Methodological approaches to innovation.


  • Objective: motivate laboratories to create new and existing partnerships with cultural, social and economic actors through the creation of joint laboratories.
  • Call for projects: "Innovation Grant", "LabCom" device (annual call).
  • Funding: 7 projects - 384,5k€.
  • Fields: Health, Geosciences-Environment, Materials-Engineering, Data Sciences.
Published on  April 1, 2021
Updated on April 1, 2021