Graduate School (EUR) CBH - Chemistry, Biology and Health

The objective of the Graduate School of Chemistry, Biology and Health (CBH Graduate School) is to promote the link between education and research in these fields.
It relies on the research excellence of the Grenoble site in these areas.
This is recognized through the Arcane, CAMI, GRAL projects, Cross Disciplinary Programs (CDP), in particular NeuroCoG, LIFE (is MaDE of ChoiCes), etc. Its ambition is to train a new generation of researchers and leaders/executives to face future challenges in health, sustainable development and energy transition. We guarantee the level of education through research excellence at Université Grenoble Alpes while offering international and interdisciplinary experiences. We follow up students from the time they enroll within the Master until their graduation and the beginning of the professional carreer.
Published on  July 22, 2020
Updated on October 8, 2020