Sustainable public procurement

The economic weight of the university is reflected in its purchases. Our aim is to continue and amplify the consideration of sustainable development, social integration and regional issues in our purchasing policy, while complying with regulations.
Environmental and social clauses, the importance of the local economy and short circuits are now part of any purchasing policy. The lowest bidder must not be the only criterion, the quality of the product or service provided must also be taken into account.

Purchasing and the social and solidarity economy

Since the Equal Opportunities Act of 2005, reflection and a change in practices have enabled the university's purchasing departments to diversify their service providers in order to support companies that promote the employment of people who are traditionally far removed from the market. The institution's desire is to strengthen this close link with the social and solidarity economy.

Sustainable purchasing

Purchasing policy must integrate the concept of product sustainability as far as possible and avoid too rapid obsolescence. It must also rationalize the purchase of supplies by making our community more responsible. Finally, it must ensure the reduction of waste.

Purchasing policy at all levels of the site

One of the wealth of the university is the multiplication of actors. In terms of purchasing, this results in a certain fragmentation of buyers. One of the major challenges of the university's purchasing policy is to disseminate good practices as widely as possible.
Published on  July 31, 2020
Updated on July 31, 2020