Responsible training and research

Training and research at the University Grenoble Alpes are historically linked to the societal issues of ecological transition, biodiversity, equality and solidarity.
Beyond this nationally and internationally recognized expertise, we wish to develop a strong acculturation of our undergraduate students on the themes of societal and environmental responsibility.
We also wish to develop a fertile dialogue with society in order to disseminate knowledge and understanding to the greatest number of people. This acculturation is based on cutting-edge research aware of our environmental impact.
Finally, we wish to rely on an exemplary community in the fight against climate change.

Certification and labeling

To enrich and guarantee a common base for all students, we wish to create a certificate in order to offer our students a strong acculturation on themes related to social and environmental responsibility. The climate emergency as well as the social emergency must be at the heart of the training course for every « honest citizen » of the 21st century. This training approach will also seek to recognize the students' civic commitments and to encourage this type of commitment. This certification will make it possible to recognize skills acquired in this area. The certificate will either be integrated into the diploma or will be a supplement to the diploma.

Science and society

The university also has a vocation to interact with society and to animate the City. There is no shortage of subjects for debate in society and the expertise of academics must be at the service of social and societal demands. The university must develop a fertile and intense dialogue with all strata of society. The resurgence of obscurantism, the lack of scientific rigour in the construction of facts and "truth" are strong signals reminding the university community of its responsibility to intervene in public debate.

Exemplarity and climate change

The academic cannot explain the world and not be exemplary in his practices. Global warming must push the research community to re-examine the practices that are rooted in terms of professional mobility, in terms of objects of research, and encourage it to change its practices. Based on this awareness of changes in behaviour, the university shows its full responsibility in the face of the environmental challenges facing global society.
Published on  July 31, 2020
Updated on July 31, 2020