Academic council

Made up of the Education and student life commission and the Research commission, the Academic council looks at recommendations for learning, research, knowledge outreach, and scientific and technical documentation that concern the qualifications of university lecturers, professors and researchers on accreditation and contract requests. It submits a long-term global strategy for the university’s disability policy.

Education and student life commission

It is especially called on to advise on the orientation of initial and continuing education programs, accreditation requests and projects for new programs, and the evaluation of programs and courses. It prepares measures concerning: the regulation of education, orientation, follow-up and professional integration of students, cultural, sports, social or associative activities offered to students, and the improvement of their living and working conditions.

Research commission

It allocates the resources intended for research, sets the operating rules for laboratories, and is consulted on agreements with research organizations. It adopts measures to enable students and staff to develop activities for the dissemination of scientific, technical and industrial culture.
Published on  March 25, 2021
Updated on April 6, 2021