The POLINEQUAL project (The Politicization of Economic Inequality: The Impact of Welfare Regimes, Elites' Discourse and Media Frames on Citizens' Perceptions, Justice Evaluations and Political Behaviour), led by Sonja Zmerli, member of Pacte research laboratory, won the prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant in December 2019.
This project, which began in 2020 and will run for 5 years, aims to study the causes and mechanisms that motivate citizens to respond to economic inequality.


Conceptually, POLINEQUAL is based on the following hypotheses on the perception of economic inequality:
  • These perceptions are biased because they are influenced by evaluations of distributive justice and therefore do not reflect objective levels of economic inequality
  • They are based on ideological facts and cues, media representations or personal heuristics
  • Perceptions and evaluations are malleable to the extent that economic inequality is politicized and becomes politically salient
  • Politically salient perceptions and evaluations of economic inequality elicit emotional, attitudinal and behavioral responses.

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Published on  April 7, 2021
Updated on October 11, 2023