ITEM - Social change and innovation in mountainous regions

Understanding the universe - Physics and elementary particles - Astrophysics - Instrumentation and detectors
Understanding the dynamics of evolution and the adaptive abilities of mountainous regions in a context of global change.
  • 25% of the French territory is in massif areas, with 6.1 million people living in mountain areas.
  • 30% of the territory is subject to protection or management measures with a predominantly environmental impact.
  • 357 stations, 15% of the French tourism GDP, 120,000 jobs in the tourism industry.
  • A European structure involving 8 states and 14 million inhabitants: Alps convention, macro-regional strategy for the Alps,
  • INTERREG space for the Alps.


  • Position French research on mountains at the international level, both within the academic scene and to support public policies.
  • Promote collective intelligence between researchers and actors to respond to the global changes facing mountainous regions.
  • Pool resources and skills via an interconnected platform for swift and effective transfer to the socio-economic actors of mountainous regions.
  • Facilitate the identification and management of social and environmental impacts.
Updated on February 19, 2020