ARCANE - Bio-inspired and bio-targeted chemistry

Sustainable social development - Resilience of local populations - Development of local resources - Job maintenance and creation
Imagining the catalysis of tomorrow and designing new biomolecular structures to provide innovative solutions to the challenges of energy, the environment and health.
  • The law on energy transition establishes the green growth revolution, which involves the development of non-critical and non-toxic new materials and an increased ability to exploit renewable energies.
  • Biotechnology is playing an increasingly important role in the health, environmental, agricultural and agrofood sectors, and in the development of innovative industrial processes.
  • In France, 11% of the companies leading internal research and development (R&D) activities are involved in biotechnology.


  • Take advantage of the chemical principles upon which biological systems are built in order to conceive synthetic bio-inspired analogues
  • Use our chemical understanding of living systems to create complex bio-hybrid structures that are better able to recognize, diagnose and cure
Updated on  February 19, 2020