MSTIC : mathematics, information, and communication sciences

Computer science, mathematics, applied mathematics, automatic control, signal processing, biomedicine, computer, architecture, computer security, artificial intelligence
The MSTIC program is for students interested in pursuing a research oriented master of science curriculum in mathematics or computer science. It proposes a diverse set of high level courses on cutting edge, topics and a 2 years pre-doctoral long research project that typically, leads to a phD.

It is built upon the various master programs listed below with the addition of a research project done under the close supervision of a tutor, a researcher in one of laboratories associated to the program. This project is valued at 12 ECTS credits. Two courses on the scientific reasoning and experiments (associated to the 6 ECTS project, second semester of master 1) and on ethics and law in the digital world (associated to the 6 ECTS project, first semester of master 2) are also mandatory courses in this program.

How to apply

All courses at the M2 level are taught in English. To apply to this program, you must be admitted first to the first year of a Master's program in one of the programs described in the chart below. Students entering a master1 program taught in English will be able to perform their M2 in English as well. These students are not required to show evidence of competence in French (even though we recommend it for everyday life). Students who enter an M1 in French will have to show evidence of competence in French. At the end of their M1 if they wish to enter an M2 program in English, then their English level will be checked.
list of master's degrees concerned
Master Parcours Year Department
Master Informatique Science in Informatics at Grenoble (MoSIG) M1
Master Applied mathematics M1 IM2AG
Cursus Ingénieur Ingénierie des Systèmes d’Information ENSIMAG
Master Mathématiques et applications Science in industrial and applied mathematics (MSIAM) M2 IM2AG
Master Informatique Cybersecurity M2 IM2AG
Master Informatique
Mathématiques et Applications
Operations Research, Combinatorics and Optimization M2 IM2AG
Master SIgnal and image processing methods and applications (Sigma) M1

Specific courses for thematic programme

 Individual Research project 6 ECTS for M1S2, 6 ECTS for M2S1 (and 30 ECTS for M2S2): continuous work on the same research project with, at the end of each semester, a presentation and a report to write and a scientific article at the end of the program.

Two extra mandatory courses: scientific methodology (M1, associated and applied to the 6 ECTS research in M1S2), ethics, and law related to digital technologies (associated and applied to the 6 ECTS in M2S1 M2)

Doctoral schools involved

  • École doctorale Chimie et sciences du vivant
  • École doctorale Électronique, électrotechnique, automatique, traitement du signal
  • École doctorale Mathématiques, sciences et technologies de l'information, informatique
Updated on  November 23, 2023