Graduate School@UGA

The objective of the Graduate School@UGA is to meet tomorrow’s scientific and societal challenges to create a better future. The Graduate School@UGA is a structuring and transdisciplinary program that prepares French and international students, through the two-year Master's program, for doctoral research or direct professional integration.
Un groupe d'étudiants en classe

The Graduate School@UGA aims to structure training through research via thematic programs focused on scientific and/or societal issues. Graduate School@UGA federates postgraduate courses, without adding diplomas, in order to gain in legibility to improve attractiveness and international recruitment, via a proactive policy of study grants.

Graduate School@UGA is:

  • 16 thematic programs at Master's level starting during the last bachelor year and continuing into a PhD, or leading to direct professional integration.
  • Common structuring courses within each thematic program (6 ECTS minimum per year).
  • Integration events and thematic events.
  • Inter-program student projects contributing to Graduate School@UGA identity, in addition to program specific initiatives.
  • Scholarships to attract the best international students.
  • Funding to enable students to experience research work through internships in laboratories.
  • International visiting professors.


The Graduate School@UGA can also grant incoming scholarships for international students that want to study at the Université Grenoble Alpes, as well as outgoing scholarships for students that want to do an internship abroad during their master's degree or engineering cursus

Thematic programs :

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This project benefits from a government grant managed by the National Research Agency under the "France 2030 SFRI @UGA n°ANR -20-sfri-0007" future investment program.
Published on  July 19, 2021
Updated on July 23, 2024