Call for applications - Idex master scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year

Appel à candidatures Formation, International
le  11 octobre 2023
The initiative of excellence (Idex) Université Grenoble Alpes is opening the 2024 Master Scholarship program.
Applications to this programme are open to international students (i.e. students currently enrolled in a university outside France or who have obtained their last degree in a foreign university or who have obtained their "baccalaureat" in a foreign university ) who apply for one of the Masters or Engineer Schools offered by the following academic divisions of Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) :
  • École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Grenoble (ENSAG),
  • Faculté des sciences (Faculty of Science),
  • Faculté humanités, santé, sport, sociétés (Faculty of Humanities, Health, Sport and Societies),
  • Grenoble INP,
  • Sciences Po Grenoble,
  • Institut d'Urbanisme et de Géographie Alpine (Alpine Geography and Urban Planning Institute),
  • Faculté de droit de Grenoble (Grenoble Law School),
  • Faculté d’économie de Grenoble (Economics Department).
Applicants can either apply for the first year or for the second year of a Master or Engineer Schools.

The amount of the scholarship is 8,000 euros for one academic year (2 semesters). If one of the two semesters is dedicated to an internship, the amount of the scholarship is reduced to 5,000 euros.

The scholarship is only given for one year and laureats will have to apply again for the second year of the master program (academic year 2024 - 2025).

Candidates will be selected on the basis of their academic record.

The Master’s scholarship doesn’t exempt students for paying tuition fees, this depends on the Master’s program.

Application process

The application process is as follows:
  • The student must first apply for one of the Masters or Engineer schools offered by the above-mentioned academic institutions. The application must be for the 2024-2025 academic year. Each Master has its own application deadline.
  • In most cases, applicants can apply for the scholarship at the same time as their application for the master's degree, on the academic divisions website dedicated to master's degree applications.
  • The University then selects students for the IdEx scholarship.
  • The results for the award of the Master scholarships will be sent shortly after the admission results for the Master programm to which the student has applied.

Scholarship payment process

In October 2024, once the Master's supervisor has confirmed the student’s presence and attendance, half of the scholarship is paid.

In February 2025, once the Master's supervisor has confirmed the students attendance during the 1rst semester and the participation to the exams, the other half of the scholarship is paid

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Publié le  11 octobre 2023
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