Understanding and fostering innovation: culture, technology, organizations

Innovation cannot be fully explained by linear models such as knowledge-push or market-pull; neither can it be limited to technical inventions. On the contrary, understanding innovation and fostering its emergence requires us to take into account intertwining technological, scientific, cultural and social factors.
Innovation, one of the main priorities of Europe and France, is a complex process which creates value for economy and society, thanks to the transformation of inventions into new products, services, organizations, concepts and processes.

Taking advantage of its scientific, technological and societal strengths and the long history of innovation in Grenoble, Univ. Grenoble Alpes aims to develop an interdisciplinary approach to study the innovation process, its emergence and development and the similarities and differences of this process in different sectors. This approach will benefit from the potential for cross-fertilization between our scientific and technologic communities on the one hand and humanities and social sciences on the other.

It will focus on the following challenges:
  • Innovation ecosystems and their models: innovation and organizations
  • Social, political and cultural determinants of innovation
  • Innovation regulation
  • New creations and intellectual sociability
Published on  October 7, 2020
Updated on October 7, 2020