PERSYVAL-LAB - The physical and digital worlds come together

Smart homes - Health - Personal assistance - Connected and interactive objects - Communication - Cyber security - Energy efficience
Mastering the design and control of new computer systems, combining interconnected “smart” devices and interactive virtual objects for people’s benefit.
  • Digital systems are found in all developing sectors
  • A €2.4 billion market in 2010, growing at 8% per year
  • 30% average yearly growth in the global market for connected objects
  • 40% of EU productivity growth is generated by the information and communication technology industry


  • Combine heterogeneous models to design robust and flexible hybrid systems that integrate hardware architectures, sensor networks and embedded software on a large scale.
  • Analyse and search for massive, complex and heterogeneous data streams.
  • Design security protocols and cryptographic components without hardware or software failures.
  • Improve computing performances and energy efficiency for hardware and software.
  • Design interactive simulation and augmented reality environments.
  • Model human-physical-digital ecosystems that respect privacy.
Updated on  February 19, 2020