OSUG@2020 - Towards a better understanding and prediction of natural systems

Prediction and prevention of natural hazards - Meteorology - Civil engineering - Environment
Improving the observation and prediction of natural phenomena and their environmental impacts.
  • Develop the scale for long-term observation of natural phenomena.
  • Design methods and means to achieve this: instrumentation for data collection, data storage and processing, modeling.
  • Offer a shared expertise in environmental issues for the benefit of regions and social organizations.
  • Train tomorrow’s experts in the Earth and Universe systems, design optimal knowledge transfer tools and support the exchange of knowledge internationally and especially with developing countries.


  • Enrich observation systems and process collected data better in order to improve predictions about natural systems.
  • Observe and understand the processes at work in the Alps environment and help to adapt to climate change.
  • Expand shared expertise in environmental issues and provide this expertise to advise on public policy.
  • Attract and train more students with innovative tools and programs in order to continue to respond to the strategic research priorities of environmental emergencies and eco-technology, social sciences, health and more.
Updated on  February 19, 2020