UGA among the world's most international universities

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On  March 18, 2024
In one of the latest Times Higher Education (THE) rankings, UGA came 117th among the world's most international higher education establishments. It is one of only 9 French institutions ranked in the top 100 and 200.
While universities are by nature global institutions, in this 2024 ranking, the Times wanted to focus more on the international qualities of the world's universities in terms of training and research, and in terms of international reputation.

With 59,500 students, including 10,000 from abroad, representing 155 different nationalities, world-class research and partnerships with 1,100 universities worldwide, the UGA is ranked 117th.

Four criteria are examined: the proportion of international staff, the proportion of international students, the proportion of international co-authors in research publications, and the institution's "international reputation". This part of the score is obtained through an annual survey in which THE asks leading academics to name the world's best universities for teaching and research in their fields.

THE's ranking of the world's most international universities thus includes a total of 203 institutions, 65 of which are European and nine French.
  • Institut polytechnique de Paris - 44e
  • Sorbonne Université - 77e
  • PSL - Paris Sciences et Lettres - 84e
  • Université Paris-Saclay - 90e
  • Université de Toulouse - 101e
  • Aix-Marseille Université - 102e
  • Université Paris Cité - 113e
  • Université Grenoble Alpes - 117e
  • Ecole normale supérieur de Lyon - 130e
Published on  March 18, 2024
Updated on  March 18, 2024