UGA advances in the QS 2021 thematic rankings

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On the  April 7, 2021
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In the 2021 edition of the QS World university rankings by subject, which evaluates the international reputation and scientific quality of higher education institutions worldwide, UGA is ranked 99th in Natural Sciences. The university is ranked in five major fields, and improved in four of them compared to 2020. It is in the top 100 for three subjects: Earth and marine sciences, Geology and Geophysics. It is ranked in the top 200 for 10 other disciplines.
Ranked in five major fields and in 17 disciplines out of the 51 evaluated, UGA is among the top French universities most represented in this ranking after Sorbonne University, PSL University and the University of Strasbourg. Along with the University of Montpellier and the University of Strasbourg, it is also one of the regional universities that appear most often in the top 100.

Methodology of the QS thematic ranking

The QS World University Rankings by Subject ranks the world's top universities in five broad areas covering 51 subjects. These rankings are designed to help prospective students identify the world's best universities in their chosen field, in response to the high demand for subject comparisons.

Each subject ranking is compiled from four sources. The first two are QS' global surveys of academics and employers, which are used to assess the international reputation of institutions in each subject area. The other two indicators assess research impact, based on research citations per article and the h-index in the subject area. These data come from Elsevier's Scopus database, the most comprehensive research citation database in the world.

UGA's ranking by major subject area

  • Natural sciences: 99 - +21*
  • Engineering and technology: 206 - +34*
  • Life sciences and medicine: 294 - +32*
  • Arts and humanities: 365 - +32*
  • Social sciences and management: 450
*Position gained compared to the QS thematic ranking 2020

UGA's ranking by theme

  • Earth & marine Sciences: 100
  • Geology (new 2021): 100
  • Geophysics (new 2021): 100
  • Physics & astronomy: 125
  • Materials science: 150
  • Linguistics: 150
  • Chemistry: 200
  • Environmental Studies: 200
  • Mathematics: 200
  • Biological sciences: 200
  • Engineering - Civil and structural: 200
  • Computer science & information systems: 200
  • Engineering - Electrical and electronic: 200
  • Pharmacy & pharmacology: 250
  • Modern languages: 250
  • Engineering - Mechanical, aeronautical & manufacturing: 300
  • Economics & econometrics: 400
Published on  April 7, 2021
Updated on April 7, 2021